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JEAN YEEN INDUSTRIAL Co., LTD was founded in 1964 in Tainan, Taiwan. Originally, our company focused on model design. Later in 1978, we increase another department, plastic injection. We are a famous model design and plastic injection OEM factory. In our company, we have the best facility, experience engineers, and excellent teams. Besides, the most valuable thing is our forty years experiences in this field. We have a series of strict quality control before shipment in order to guarantee customers’ rights. That is the reason why we can dominate the market for forty years. We are not only in providing the speciality in model design and injection but also in service. In past ten years, we cooperate with a well-known Singapore company, Chuan Heng, and the brand is “TOYOGO”. We are long-term business partners in model and plastic products base on our latest technique and sincere service. Finally, we believe providing our clients the best quality of products and great service is our unchangeable promise.


/ 務 / 項 / 目

  • 造型設計‧OEM ODM design
  • 成品機構設計‧Parts design
  • 射出成形‧injection molding

模 / 具 / 部

  • 軟體 Software
  • 硬體Hardware
    ‧CNC銑床 / cnc milling machine
    ‧直式銑床 / Milling Machine
    ‧放電加工機 / electric discharge machining
    ‧磨床 / Grinding Machine
    ‧旋轉鑽床 / drilling machine
    ‧合模機 / die spotting machine
    ‧高速車床 / High Speed Lathe

射 / 出 / 成 / 型 / 部

  • 1600頓射出成型機 ‧1600t injection molding
  • 900頓射出成型機 ‧900t injection molding
  • 650頓射出成型機 ‧650t injection molding
  • 550頓射出成型機 ‧550t injection molding
  • 400頓射出成型機 ‧400t injection molding
  • 350頓射出成型機 ‧350t injection molding
  • 280頓射出成型機 ‧280t injection molding
  • 140頓射出成型機 ‧140t injection molding
  • 120頓射出成型機 ‧120t injection molding